Cabernet Franc Red Wine

Cabernet Franc Red Wine is a lighter, less tannic version of the cabernet sauvignon.

The lower tannin content causes this wine varietal to age faster than the cabernet sauvignon. This grape is more commonly blended with other grapes to produce the perfect wine balance and different red wine names

Cab Franc is more adaptable to the cooler climates. At its best, it contains aromas of violet and raspberry. It is filled with red fruit flavors with herbal tones throughout. Although it visually is very similar to the cabernet sauvignon grape it really is very different and more versatile in the wine making process.

Cabernet Franc Red Wine regions:

France - In the famous Bordeaux region where there is no substitute for red wine, the cab franc is the third grape in popularity. It is commonly blended with other grapes. It grows very well in St. Emilion and Pomerol where it is usually blended with Merlot.

It is most heavily planted in the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley follows the western stretch of the Loire River, the longest in France, between Orleans and Nantes. This region is the most heavily forested in France. Come explore the chateaux with

Italy - especially the northeast where it is slightly cooler it produces a fine Italian red wine which can be berry flavored and medium bodied.

United States - produced in the California Wine Region it is usually blended with Merlot. Two producers are Haven Wines and Pride Mountain Vineyards. It is also grown and produced in New York State.

Many cooler climate states are attempting to grow and produce fine wines from the type of grape without the need of blending it with other grapes. If this type of wine interests you check out Michigan wineries.

Food and Wine Pairing:

This wine varietal is delicious when served chilled or at room temperature and is paired well with veal or roasted lamb.

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