Red Wine Rating
 Simple 10 Point System

Although we have tremendous respect for today's current red wine rating system, we feel that it really can be simpler than using a 100 point scale.

Review all the different wine rating systems and you will see that they all judge on similar criteria.

              Red Wine Rating Criteria:

The following 5 criteria are commonly used when evaluating wines. It really isn't an exact science but if one can master the qualities they prefer in a wine then selecting good quality wines become much easier.

Please visit our red wine tasting tips page to learn how each criteria is judged:


Smell or Aroma




If you are not a professional wine critic who rates wines for the major publications, then we believe that wine rating should be simple, fun and consistent. Above all else, it should be so reliable that you could look at the results of your wine tasting scorecard and know instantly if this is the type of red wine you enjoy.

For a simple wine rating scorecard please visit and print off this wine tasting scorecard.
Please remember when performing your red wine rating to document the vintage year, where you purchased it and what was your actual cost vs. the retail price. This information can come in very handy especially if the wine turns out to be one of your favorites.

There are so many wine vendors and online sources in which to order wine that tremendous deals can be had if you take the time to record the information on the top of the rating form.

No one knows better than we do, the times we had a great bottle of wine and could not remember where we purchased it or how much we paid for it!! So take the time to jot this information down because you may stumble upon a real gem that you decide will be a great addition to your wine cellar.

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