Tempranillo grapes are the "star" grape from Spain and can produce a full-bodied red wine with firm tannins or a light-bodied easy drinking fruit forward red wine.

This grape is low in acidity with soft tannins, strong fruit aromas and a deep rich color. Typically this grape produces red wines with red-fruit flavors such as cherry, blackberry, licorice and strawberry. This wine also ages well, especially when blended with grenache, graciano and mazuelo from the Rioja region.

The aging process produces wines that are more full-bodied with complex flavors. They can also be delicious when consumed young. Typically this type of red wine is lower in alcohol (10-13%).

Tempranillo Red Wine Regions:


This grape is responsible for some of the best red wines in Spain. They constitute the great reds of Rioja. When aged in oak, the more full-bodied reds are produced.

*Crianza - labeled this if (aged approximately 2 years with one year at least in oak barrels)

*Reserva - labeled this if (aged at least 3 years with one in oak barrels)

*Gran Reserva - labeled this if ( aged at least 2 years in oak and three years in the bottle).

The youngest type of wine produced from this grape is the Joven wine which literally mean " young" and it is typically made in stainless steel and is a fruitier type of red wine. In certain regions of Spain, such as La Mancha, wines from this grape are called Cencibel.

Argentina and Portugal

This area has a long history of growing this grape type. The wines can vary in body and fruit intensity depending on the region.

As different regions of the world produce this type of wine in different bodies, and aging potential, it is best to taste a few different wines to see what type you prefer.

Then visit our food and wine pairing page to see what pairs well with the wine type of your choosing!

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