Pinot Noir Wine

Pinot Noir Wine {Pee-no-nwarh} is produced from grapes that have given winemakers more grief than any other grape variety. They are thin-skinned and produce wines with a lighter color than cabernet sauvignon or merlot. These wines are lower in tannin and acidity. When grown in the right climactic conditions, the aromas are of raspberries, strawberries and cherries with hints of rose, violets and spice.

The grape thrives in cooler climates but when in too cool a climate it ends up thin and pale in color. When vinified without the skins, it makes an excellent champagne.

Most Pinot Noir wines should be drunk young, but some are capable of aging for decades. This wine grape can produce wines that are exotic, inviting, perfumed, spicy, fruity and earth like in flavor.

Pinot Noir Red Wine Regions:

1)France - originally cultivated in France throughout the Burgundy region. This region is divided into extremely fragmented and smaller vineyards due to inheritance laws among siblings. In addition, the climate is somewhat capricious and can effect the grape growth. In less than favorable years, Chaptalization (the addition of sugar prior to fermentation), is needed to obtain the desired alcohol level in the final wine.

2)United States - in Oregon the Pinot Noir grape has become the "King of Grapes". It is harvested in three main AVA (American Viticultural Area) regions of Oregon, the Rogue Valley, Umpqua Valley and Willamette Valley. The quality of the pinot noir grape grown here has attracted wine makers from Burgundy France to migrate to the area.

*In California the grape is grown in the Carneros, Russian River Valley and Santa Maria areas.

3)New Zealand, Australia, South Africa - are all producing this wine varietal and making good progress.

Food and Wine Pairing:

This wine is very food friendly. I always say that when in doubt of which red wine to serve with your meal, pick out a good Pinot Noir. It pairs well with game and meats and is the best red wine to drink with fish!

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