Types of Red Wine
By Grape or By Region

The various Types of Red Wine can best be described by the red grapes it is made from and the wine regions producing it.

The wine grape used is the single most important factor in how the wine will ultimately taste. The second most important factor is how the grape is grown and the region that produces it.

Red Wine Grapes:

Most red grapes need a much longer growing season than white, so red grapes are usually planted in warmer locations such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and the California Napa Valley area.

Each grape type has its own unique level of sugar, acids and tannins. How these building blocks of wine are all expressed in the final bottle depends on the care of the grapes, the winemakers style and the region of production.

An equally important factor in the type of red wine is when the grapes are harvested. The aim is to pick the grapes at perfect ripeness. Depending on whether you harvest the grapes in warm climates or cooler will dramatically affect the final product. For more information click here about ice wines.

Or to learn about the specifics of producing wines that are served only with your dessert visit sweet red wines.

All grapes grow on vines, but the classic winemaking grape comes from the vine categorized as the "Vitis Vinifera".

Red Wine Regions:

There are many wine producing regions around the world. In the mid 1980's, Europe was by far the number one producer of wine. However, the United States is increasing at a higher percentage than the European countries every year. Many now look upon the California wine regions as some of the best in the world.  Although the United States is behind in the history and age of many of their vines compared to their European counterparts, they are very quickly becoming a competitive wine producing region.

Learn more about the European wine regions such as Bordeaux France. and others that  are rich in history and produce some of the finest types of red wine available today......read more...


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