Wine Food Pairing
Make It Simple

Was I not following the proper wine food pairing rules when I would order a delicious glass of Red Wine with my fish?

I was always slightly embarrassed when the menu would clearly recommend a certain white wine with the meal and I would completely ignore it and order up my favorite red wine.

As time went on, I realized that there was no need to be embarrassed when ordering red wine with certain foods because there is always a perfect red wine to pair with any meal!

The most important fact to remember, when pairing wine with food, is to make it simple, select the types of wine you like and ENJOY.

Try These Food and Wine Pairing Tips:

1)Wine food pairing rules dictate that you should match the flavor intensity of the food to the flavor intensity of the wine. The more flavorful the food the more flavorful the wine.

2) Consider the "body" or lightness/heaviness of the meal and select a wine with the same light, medium or heaviness to it's body.
3) Most red wines are much higher in tannin content than whites. These higher tannic wines pair better with heavy foods.

4) A meal with a strong aroma should be balanced with an equally strong aromatic wine.

5) Sweet foods tend to increase the drying and bitter qualities of highly tannic red wine. Sweet wines pair much better with sweet foods or desserts.

6) When in doubt about which red wine to serve, a good and safe choice is always a Pinot Noir. This varietal is very versatile and bridges the gap between red and white wines very nicely.

For a quick reference at mealtime please consult the handy table below.  Pairing the proper wine with food really can be very simple when the following the guidelines presented below.

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