Malbec is the star grape varietal from the Mendoza region of Argentina.

This grape can produce wines that are uniquely rich and deep in color and feature dark fruit flavors of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. The tannins are smooth and in those varietals that are aged in oak, they express notes of violets.

It is a delicate grape similar to Merlot. It is very sensitive to frost and therefore thrives much better in the warmer regions of the New World.

Malbec Red Wine Regions:

Argentina - the majority of vineyards that grow the this grape are here. The climate is particularly beneficial in the north west part of the country, in the Andes mountain range. Here the days are warm and the nights cool. Some of the best wines, of this varietal, in the country are produced in the "Cuyo Region" which is extends from the San Juan province to the Colorado River.

France - also produces fine wines of this varietal. It is more commonly a blended grape in many wines from France. In the Loire Valley, this grape is used in their production of aromatic rose wines. In the Bordeaux region it is still used in small amounts in blending with other grapes. It is referred to as "the black wine" due to it's deep dark color.

Chili - produced here on a much smaller scale, the wines are very full of fruit with flavors of blackberry and mulberry.

When blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah the result is a red wine with great complexity.  It pairs very well with spicy dishes and grilled meats. I find that either people really love the fruit flavors in this type of wine or they don't.  Some people find it to be overwhelming and heavy in taste.  To learn more about different wine red wine qualities visit here.

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