The Perfect Wine Glass Coasters Have Arrived!

         They are finally here.  The Perfect Wine Glass Coasters........

     Qualities of the Perfect Wine glass coaster:

  1. Keeps red wine or any wine stains from damaging table surfaces.
  2. Attach to the wine glass making then readily available.  No need to keep moving coasters around when changing room and location. The coaster goes wherever the wine glass goes.  Also no need to worry about your guest randomly placing their glasses on your fine furniture with possible damage from spills.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Lightweight and does not interfere with the detection of the body of the wine.
  5. Sturdy and adds stability to the wine glass to prevent spillage.
  6. Shaped so that the proper swirling and aeration of the wine can still be performed.  This is the only attachable coaster that can claim to do this.
  7. Allows for customized wine glasses for identification purposes.
  8. Can provide increase esthetics and beauty to your wine glasses. Make your wine glasses look expensive without the high price tag.
  9. The perfect and most unique gift any wine lover would love to receive and so reasonably priced.

Check back soon to purchase the perfect wine glass coasters for yourself or for that very special gift for the wine lover in your life.

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