The Perfect Red Wine Glass

The red wine glass you choose can truly enhance the flavors and your ultimate appreciation of the wine.

The glass selection may vary depending on the wine you serve. The glass pictured to the left is my favorite glass size and shape. It is an excellent Bordeaux style glass. I find it very versatile for all different types of red wine. See below for some things to consider when choosing the proper glass.

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Red Wine Glass Considerations:

1) One very important quality to consider when evaluating a wine is its color. Therefore, it is essential to select a clear glass.

2) The shape of the glass is also very critical. You must have a glass that is wide enough and large enough that you can safely and comfortably swirl the wine to aerate it and release its aromas.  When choosing the perfect red wine coaster you should find one that protects the surfaces of your furniture from red wine stains and that has the benefits of attaching to the glass with a base that allows for the proper swirling of the wine in the glass.

3) The body of the wine can best be assessed when drinking from a lighter glass, as this helps take your attention away from the heaviness of the glass and allows you to to concentrate on just the wine.

4) The shape of the glass should be tapered towards the rim. This helps to concentrate the aromas and enhance the tasting experience.

5) Choosing glasses that have stems will prevent fingerprints from forming on the glass and also help prevent warming the wine from the body heat of your fingers. Although stemless glasses are becoming more popular. I still feel that the wine is better appreciated when serving in traditional stemmed glassware.

Having said that, I do have both types of glasses and will drink from the stemless occasionally, but only if I am not tasting the wine for the first time.

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