Merlot, Merlot, my kingdom for a Merlot!

by Jenny

Yes, I'm a little partial to a Merlot. :-)

Perhaps that should be quite a bit!

However, the older I have got the more I've found that my tastes have changed.
So I'm broadening my horizons...

Nowadays I don't mind trying a nice wine, whether it is red, white or rose.
I am though, more than a little daunted at the number of wines on offer.

I begrude the price tag, if I can't be sure I'm going to like it and I found this was stinting my wine adventures.

My heart (and taste buds!), however, belong to the reds.

Discussing my wine choices with my brother-in-law, he has recommended a way to explore many wines. This was through They have a lovely scheme, which will allow you to try the different wines, rate the wines you have tasted, and look for recommendations based on like minded people.

Without too much pressure, my husband and I have given it a go!

We started with a mixed case. The wines were reasonably priced. It is delivered to your door and its just generally awesome!

Within the mixed case we were fortunate enough to have two bottles of this...

Christian Patat Montepulciano DOC 2010! It is lovely! It is now a firm favourite of ours. If you do get the chance, try it, I'm sure you won't regret it.

We are currently mulling over our next purchase, which I think will be a case of reds... well it would be rude not too wouldn't it! ;-)

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