Best Oaked Red Wine
Worth Every Penny

The best oaked red wine can bring out the most delicious flavors and many agree that it is worth the higher price. The most noticeable flavor that oak imparts is vanilla and often results in a softer texture to the red wine. The best oaked red wine is one from a red wine grape with a high tannin content such as:

* Bordeaux Reds (France)

* California Cabernet Sauvignon

* Barolo and Barbaresco and Chianti Classico (Italy)

* Ports (Portugal)

What are the options that winemakers need to consider when aging their red wine. Well, one of the most important is where will the aging of the wine take place.

There are two basic methods of red wine aging and they are fermentation in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels.

Stainless Steel Fermentation

Stainless steel tank come in many versions. There are basic models in which the tank simply acts as a housing possibly lined with oak chips. Then there are other stainless steel tanks that can control the wine temperature as it ferments giving a much more controlled and successful final product.

The final wine can be less tannic and more fruit forward and smooth. The more intricate stainless steel tanks can be much more costly and result in a more expensive red wine.

Although these tanks can give winemakers some piece of mind as they have a greater control over the wine it does take away from the beauty and European flair one envisions in the wine making process.

Red Wine Aging In Oak Barrels:

One of the most noticeable flavors in red wine is that of oak. For centuries, oak barrels were the only way that wine was stored. While doing this, it was found to impart a flavor to the wine that became a preference to many wine drinkers.

Brand new oak barrels can cost around $1000.00 and only hold approximately 60 gallons. This process of fermentation can be much more costly when you consider how many wine barrels a winemaker would need compared to the stainless steel tank that can hold far more. The best oaked red wine takes time and that means higher costs involved in the winemaking process and ultimately a more expensive red wine.

                   But it can be worth every penny!

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