Calories in Red Wine

In our health conscious society, calories in red wine have become more of a concern. So how do we determine the amount of calories in red wine.

In order to determine this accurately we have to standardize what a "glass of red wine" is. Traditionally, a glass or serving of red wine is approximately 4 ounces. Just as an exercise, go and get your favorite red wine glass and pour in 4 ounces. Now visually compare this to the average glass you pour yourself or others. My educated guess is that it probably is about half the amount. This 4 ounces that you just poured is approximately 100 calories. In fact, as a standard there is 25 calories in red wine per ounce.

For those that want to break it down even furthur, in a 4-5 ounce glass of red wine there is 4 grams of carbs present.

Red wine calories also vary according to the alcohol content in the red wine varietal. Traditionally the higher alcohol content red wines have a slightly higher calorie content than the lighter fruitier varietals.

For example, the Zinfandel wines and the Cabernet type wines have a higher caloric content than the lighter wines such as the Beaujolaise and Tempranillo wines.

To get a good appreciation of how much a 4 ounce pour looks like in a standard red wine glass look at the glass pictured to the right. This is a 4 ounce serving of red wine. It's pretty obvious that a normal pour tends to be closer to two times this amount. One needs to keep this in mind when calculating your caloric intake. So be aware and above all, enjoy every sip!

Many people believe that if you can control the amount of red wine you consume and drink in moderation that there are red wine health benefits for all.

For more information about the different red wine types please visit types of red wine.


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