Dessert Red Wines
For a Sweet Tooth

Have you ever considered serving some dessert red wines for that sweet ending to your meal?

I know that it is traditional to think of dessert as a food item as opposed to a beverage but think again! In many countries, dessert red wines which are very sweet, are served after dinner to close the palate and make you feel satisfied after a good meal.

How Dessert Red Wines Are Made:

A dry red wine has approximately 1% of residual sugar after final fermentation. In comparison, sweet red wines can contain between 3-28% residual sugar. They can also contain a WHOPPING 18-20% alcohol content.

*Late Harvest wines are a common type of sweet wine. Late Harvest wines are made from grapes that are left on the vine much longer so that they become very ripe (called raisining) and therefore are naturally higher in sugar content. If conditions are warm and humid enough, grapes left on the vine may be infected by a fungus called Botrytis cinerea more commonly called Noble Rot. These grapes are shriveled and dehydrated but their sweetness is very high in concentration.

*Fortified wine differs from regular table wine in the fermentation process. At some point during fermentation, alcohol such as Brandy is added. This stops the process of fermentation resulting in an increase of residual sugar in the final wine.The most common and popular type of red sweet wine is Port.

*Port Red Wines are very sweet, fruity and full-bodied fortified wines. They originated in Portugal where there are many local grape varieties. Port wines are also made in Australia, California and South Africa. The major styles of Port are the Tawny, Ruby and Vintage. Ports can vary due to their respective aging process.

1)Ruby Port has a deep rich red color. It is made to be drunk young.

2)Tawny Port is lighter in color than the Ruby. Some of the finest Ports in this category are aged 10-30 years.

3)Vintage Port is only produced in good years. They tend to be the lightest in color due to the length of aging. They are aged in bottles for at least 10 years but can be aged up to 40 years.

For another sweet wine option try a delicious ice red wine.

Compared to regular or still wines, Dessert Red Wines are not cheap. Many are sold in half bottles and can easily cost hundred of dollars. Fortunately though, due to their sweetness, serving sizes are small and a bottle can last a very long time.

For a special end to a meal or just to satisfy a sweet tooth try a piece of dark chocolate with one of the above mentioned wines! It is spectacular!

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